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navy pier evening painting

Navy Pier Evening Painting

It was a beautiful July evening just after sunset as I was walking along the Lake Michigan Chicago shore on looking the Navy Pier. It was such a beautiful evening and the lights were glistening on the water. The air smelled fresh and there was the sound of people bustling along the pier. Many folks seemed to agree that it was a great evening to get out to the Navy Pier. Hopefully I captured the feel of that beautiful July evening. I hope everyone enjoys. Comments are welcome

The painting dimensions are 16" tall by 40" wide. The original painting is available for purchase.


Original Painting 16" x 40"



Snowy Little Town Painting

This is an Original acrylic painting of Nashville Indiana on a snowy day during the holiday season. It was very picturesque that day with low lying fog and snowy conditions. Not many people were out on this snowy day. But the ones that were, seemed to enjoy the feel of this small town atmosphere on a snowy holiday.  It was really cold that day, but was glad I took the time to snap some photos on this bone chilling day. Hope everyone enjoys. If you'd like to purchase the details are below. Just send me an email to comment or to purchase


The painting is a 16 x 20 original acrylic painting. The purchase amount is $325


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